I’m David, currenty working and living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I really like to build stuff, especially for other people. On this site I’ll be posting some of my projects, as well as some works I made for others.

Feel free to send me a message if you see anything you like, have any questions on how I made something, would like me to make you something, or would like to collaborate on a project. Contact details are over here!

What do I do

Most projects over here will fall into following categories:

  • (Interactive) electronics
    • Light installations
    • Home automation
    • Misc. electronics / PCB design
  • Wood / metalworking
    • Speaker building
    • CNC router projects
    • Lasercutter projects

This site

I’m still working on this site. At the moment it’s a bit of a mess, being a combination of my old blog posts mixed with newer projects pages. I’ll sort these out in the near future and get everything nice and tidy.

You can view my most recent projects down at the top here and check out all my projects / posts (sorted by type) on the projects page.

Most of them have a page with more detailed information as well, but I still have to write a lot of the documentation. If you have any questions on a project that doesn’t have proper documentation yet (or does) I’m happy to answer them.