Hi! I’m David, a self-employed electronics engineer with a brain for tough design problems and a heart for interactive installations. I generally work for a few large (commercial) clients during most of the weekdays, doing various (artsy) projects on the side. 

For the latter I’m often working together with artists developing the electronics and software for their projects. For the more commercial clients I design embedded hard- and software either at their offices, or in my own office in Rotterdam. Living this split life there’s a lot of joy applying professional knowledge to projects that usually wouldn’t come out of the hobbyist world, while still having a place for some good hard engineering!

At the moment my main clients are PAL-V, working on hardware, firmware and test systems for the world’s first flying car, and RENA, doing root cause analysis on a multi-level signal integrity problem. Feel free to contact me if I can help you with any of my services.



Need something working quickly? I'll whip up a proof of concept or minimum viable product as efficiently as possible.

Hardware Design

Do you need custom printed circuit boards for your project? I will design and produce PCBs according to your needs or specifications.

Embedded Software

Do you already have hardware? I write low level embedded software for 8 bit and ARM architecture microprocessors.


Something someone designed doesn't work the way it should? Things keep breaking? I'll dig to the root cause and find the most suitable solution.

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+31 6 4103 6471


KvK: 68311451

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